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We have listed some of our frequently asked questions to make your shopping experience more convenient

  • Do your covers have snaps to attach to the boat for mooring? 
    No, the covers have no need for snaps to attach to the boat. It attaches to the dock.
  • Does the cover go over my swim platform?
    Most of the time it does, as long as the boat is in the slip and not further than 3’ out.
  • Can I pay extra for my product to arrive faster?
    Unfortunately shipping times cannot be expressed.
  • Does the cover have openings for support poles?
    Support poles are under the cover already, they are not needed.
  • I have a trolling motor/jack plate. Will the cover fit over that?
    Most of the time yes. Depends on your dock, how long your boat is, in relation to the slip you have.
  • Where do your covers ship from?
    Our covers ship from Orlando, FL.
  • Are they waterproof?
    Yes. They keep the sun and water out.
  • Can I control my cover via an app? 
    Yes! You can connect from anywhere in the world to open and close your cover with our smart app.
  • How often should I clean the cover and what should I use? 
    Once a year at minimum ( 6 months recommended ) Water repellent/sun protectant applied to the cover after learning. Mild cleaning agents and a brush, no hard/high pressure washing.
  • Do Touchless Covers breathe?
    Yes! On the top of the cover, there is a mesh strip that is about 6” inches and covered with a flap to keep it waterproof. On the bottom, the cover skims the dock, about 6” from above.
  • Is there a warranty for Delta Dock covers? 
    Before Jan 2023, there is a 5 year warranty. After Jan 2023, there is a 7 year warranty. Manufactury warranty is offered on craftsmanship never working parts, not installation. (For installation, a 1 year warranty is offered, labor charges incur after that.)
  • Can the covers be used to attach to other things besides the dock? 
    Yes, they can be attached to the ground, concrete, on top of concrete, and more.

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