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Years of Experience

Delta Dock Decor started with a passion to help others protect their investment from the elements and to save our customers from the frustration of having their recreational vehicle or boat ruined. Living near the beautiful San Joaquin Delta provided the opportunity to see hundreds of beautiful crafts turn decrepit in a matter of a few years or less. Many personal friends expressed their frustration with the amount of work it takes to upkeep water vehicles, and the desire to offer a better solution birthed Delta Dock Decor.  

Our custom covers offer superior protection. They have no ropes or snaps, and are safe for the family to use. Completely protect your vehicle's upholstery and gel coat from the sun and abusive elements, saving you thousands of dollars and countless wasted hours. Our covers are custom, manufactured in the USA, handmade, and specific to your needs. Give us a call today!

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